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Ritual Bath Tea

Ritual Bath Tea

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Ritual Bath Tea is a luxurious way to soothe the senses while engaging in self-care. Containing only organic and natural ingredients, this bath tea relaxes body and spirit with its magical qualities. Enjoy a moment of peace and balance with every soak! By adding the element of water as a conduit, we are only increasing the potency of the magick of these ritual bath teas.

We offer 3 options when it comes to our ritual bath teas and although they come with magickal purpose, they can be enjoyed in non-magick form.

Base Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Vitamin E Oil


Mother Luna: Lavender Essential Oils, and natural Rose & Jasmine dried herbs. The moon is a teacher of beauty and wisdom. Whether you see her as Artemis, the Goddess Diana, or honor her for her lunar cycles, we have much that we can learn from the moon. This Bath Tea is meant to aid you in that connection and on your journey of connecting with Mother Luna.

Commune with the Fae: Tobacco & Vanilla Essential Oil, and natural Chamomile & Yarrow Flower dried herbs. This bath tea is for all my fellow believers of the Fae! Just like humans when it comes to fae there are good and bad, but I feel like the Fae get a bad rap at times. This bath tea is created with herbs known to be appealing to the fae in order for you to connect deeper with these amazing magickal beings. This can be used as a bath soak or used loose leaf as an offering to the fae.

Spirit: Rosemary & Frankincense Essential Oil, and natural Calendula & Jasmine dried herbs. Within each of us is this amazing light that is known as our higher selves. The perfect version of ourselves that knows every life we have lived and every move we will make. The best way for us to hear our higher self is to connect with it more intimately. This bath tea is for you to do that very thing but use it as a way of meditation and relaxation to get to know that inner light.

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