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Reiki Infused Spell Bottles

Reiki Infused Spell Bottles

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These Reiki-Infused spell bottles are perfect for magic on the go. You can carry them on you or put them in a special place. These are infused with intention and have Reiki energy, a form of Japanese energy healing in them to make them more potent. If you carry these in a pocket or are in a warm environment, the wax can melt. but even as the bottle breaks down you will know your lovin intention is being sent out to the universe!


Prosperity & Abundance (Green): To aid in bringing loving abundance in all of it forms to you. This can mean financial or career means, but abundance is much more than that. It can be health, relationships, courage, and all those loving energies that you want pouring into your life.

Self-Love (Pink): We are all guilty of not giving ourselves enough self-care. This charm is a reminder to do so, but you can also set an intention with this charm to improve a certain area. Do you need to set more personal boundaries? Have more confidence in yourself? Work with that ego voice to be a bit nicer? This charm is all about you!

Mental Strength (Blue): This charm is a great tool to use in addition to medical help for anxiety and depression and is never meant to take the place of professional care. We all haver times where we just don't feel our best. We are spiritual beings going through a human experience which includes emotions. We want to have emotions and we should, we just don't want to stay in them for too long. This charm can help you to focus on your mental health and building a resilient mind.

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