Collection: Tarot Readings

Must be 18+ or older or have parent/guardian permission for spiritual services.

Merry Meet my friends!

I am Mountain Mystic Mama of Mountain Mama Investigations, and it is my joy to assist you with your spiritual needs. I am a certified Tarot reader who studied through the Psychic Healing Academy.

The world we live in is full of magic. Do you need universal guidance? Do you need a reminder of the magic that is within you and all around you?

Playing cards were used as tarot cards in the 14th century when spirituality and science were more as one. As time continued and spirituality and science drifted more apart, secret societies such as the Freemasons and The Red Dragon developed, and in return tarot cards also developed. We now see them in their illustrated form that represents different phases or lessons within our lives along with guidance. Tarot cards are a great tool and as in all my readings, I do not provide the doom and gloom stance that many can experience with tarot readings. These cards can teach us uncomfortable lessons but also teach with loving guidance. This is what you will receive in a tarot reading from me.

Does this interest you?

Then feel free to purchase a reading from the well-known Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

This reading is a general reading in asking spirit for guidance or what message the universe has to deliver to you. Basically asking, what do I need to know?

We have two options:

3-Card Spread: $20

7-Card Spread (Horseshoe): $45

Want to ask a specific question?
We can make that happen!

IMPORTANT: Once you have purchased: Please email me at for us to schedule your reading. We can do this by phone, zoom, or email delivery. 

What I need from you:

- Your full name, if you are not comfortable with this, I respect your privacy. I can still connect with spirit on your behalf because spirit can connect even without the specificity of name. Please send this to me in a message upon purchase. You can use our contact us section to do this.

- Please read the disclaimer about the type of questions you may ask. If you ask questions about things I can not legally answer I will send you a message that states I can not answer that and give you a chance to ask something else. This is stated with a reminder that this reading is a general reading. This means I will ask Spirit what action you need to take in order to empower your life.

What you will get from me:

- An email from me with your results or live results if chosen.
- Delivery within the timescale of 24 hrs. These will be based on EST.
- If for some reason an emergency occurred and you do not receive your reading, please contact me immediately. It is my goal to provide you with a top-notch experience.


Reviews help me to help you! I am not asking you to say that I assisted you gallantly if that is not the experience you had. I am open to constructive criticism and I encourage you to help me grow. Spirit is for all, not just me. With this being said if there is something I can improve upon then by all means let me know. If you enjoyed your experience then please let that be known so I may share that success with others who are in need of readings.

Like all readings, there is a no-refund policy.
- By paying for a reading you are stating that you are 18 years of age or older.
- 100% accuracy is not guaranteed.
- Readings are a matter of current energy.
- I can not legally answer questions about financial matters, pregnancy issues, or health issues. I am not a legal or medical professional. If you ask these questions I can NOT answer them and will let you know immediately. If you have questions about financial matters, pregnancy issues, or health issues, please seek a medical or legal professional to answer those questions.
- This reading and all others are for entertainment purposes only. I am not liable or responsible for what you choose to do after the reading. I will never suggest you harm yourself or another person.
- My goal is to spread love and light while assisting others with loving energy. You will not find harmful or doom and gloom here. As someone who has experienced that myself, I am dedicated to not providing that experience to my customers. Does this mean that every reading will be sunshine and happy bunnies, it does not, but it allows us to grow and to look at ourselves honestly, but I can guarantee that will be done with loving energy.