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Custom Spell

Custom Spell

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Do you want to create some magick, but don't know where to start?

Then consider allowing me the honor of writing you a custom spell. It will provide you the ingredients, directions, and symbolism to help you with the intention you are working to manifest.

Much like a recipe card or road map, these customs spells can be printed and used for guidance in your workings.

Spells may include candles. If your spell includes candles, please acquire a fireproof plate for the spell. Always burn the candle when you are able to observe it for safety concerns.

Custom spells will be delivered in a digital format. Please include a message on your order in detail about what you are trying to accomplish with the spell and any situation around. Custom spells will be delivered to the email address that you make your purchase through unless specified otherwise.

Custom spells only provide directions. Ingredients and items needed for the spell are not included. These spells are only for you to use as a guide, you can change any aspect that you choose. They can be printed to be added to notebooks or grimoires. 

My work is done with the intention of love and light for the entire world. This means that I will not write any spell that will cause control, influence, or harm for another person. This is includes love spells. The true magick is working on your own growth which then allows your spiritual light to shine brighter to positively affect yourself and those around you. For instance, instead of using a spell to make someone fall in love with you, you may choose to do a spell that helps you to open yourself to the wisdom of any inner work that you may need before pursuing a relationship. 


By purchasing this spell you are stating:

- By paying for a reading you are stating that you are 18 years of age or older.

- 100% accuracy is not guaranteed as once the spell is passed to the individual it is their responsibility to use the spell in the manner they feel best. Energy is continuously changing and if this spell is not in alignment with your spiritual path, then Spirit may choose to not allow its manifestation. 

- That this spell is not being used for harm in any form.

- You do not hold the spiritual practitioner liable for the outcome of the spell or its efficiency. 

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