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Merry Meet,

Welcome to our new website!

We are thrilled to share our products with you in an online setting and give our in-person customers an online opportunity to restock their favorite items all year.

If you are new here and have never interacted with us, I would like to use this as a chance for you to get to know us.

We are Mountain Mama Investigations, a registered Non-Profit dedicated to the preservation of Appalachian history through paranormal investigation and aiding those in paranormal crisis.

We believe that in order to preserve the culture, history, and historical locations of Appalachia that a unique and new approach is necessary. Times have changed and some of the methods used to preserve historical locations could be considered outdated. This is why we want to bring added interest, where it is applicable, to these historical locations in order to encourage you to visit them. learn about them, and understand their importance to our culture. The history of these locations is what makes us who we are. This doesn't always mean that the history is something to be proud of, but we can learn from that history to make a better present. 

We also use this as a way to break some stigmas. Two of those main stigmas are ideas around the paranormal and the Appalachian people. 

Beyond historical work, we aid those who are facing paranormal crises. Individuals who are facing this endure an exuberant amount of stress physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

I am Mountain Mama and with that responsibility comes my work as a Spiritual Practitioner, researcher, and psychic medium. I wanted to go beyond the bounds of self-learning and to professionally learn from those well versed in areas of the paranormal, metaphysical, and all things considered woo woo. I have a certification in Tarot, Parapsychology, and Reiki. I work in areas of Shamanism, Native American methods, and paranormal research.

This means that if you are facing a paranormal crisis, you do not have to face it alone. Please reach out and our team is happy to assist you. We work in a professional manner as we have faced the paranormal ourselves and advocate not only for our clients but for the spirits as well. We go beyond the limits of spirits into high-strangeness such as cryptids, thoughtforms, extraterrestrials, fae, parallel universe, folklore, psychic work, and all things strange. We want you to know that the supernatural is natural and that we can coexist with many of these beings and when a situation becomes too much for coexistence we can help with that. We have looked strange in the face many times and we are happy to look at it again for you. We also assist in research alone if you would not necessarily want an investigation, but more information on what you may experiencing. We approach our cases using scientific methods and testing. Our team includes those with unique abilities and open minds. We are happy to do this even if you live outside of Appalachia.

We are Autism owned and this connection has allowed us to explore the link between neurodivergent minds and supernatural abilities. Our brains give us a leg up when it comes to research because of how they work. Thorough doesn't even begin to describe what we are capable of and we have clients who can vouch for this.

If you would like to learn more or extend your knowledge of the paranormal then I encourage you to follow us on social media. Never be afraid to ask a question and if we don't immediately have the answer we most likely have a contact that does. 

This website is to help us fundraise so we can continue to help our clients and historical locations in need. 100% of your purchase goes directly into our Non-Profit. 

Our items are handcrafted, organic, and earth and human-friendly because all of those ideas are very important to us. We want to provide you with products that you can feel good about using and that we can feel better that others are using to help this earth because she does a lot for us. We thank you in advance for your support because you are allowing us to live our lives purpose to help others, the earth, and breaking the barriers of the misconceptions of the paranormal.

Always remember to stay curious my souls because that is what keeps life magical.


Mountain Mama

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